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Cremation Pre-Planning


Cremation SpecialistsNot all Florida crematories look the same nor perform the same. They are, in fact, quite different from each other. Some lack respectability and others are unfit for human cremations. Owning and operating a human crematory should not be solely based on profit margins; they must be founded on the humanitarian approach. Then what should a family look for when trying to evaluate Florida crematories?


Owner and operator of the Guiding Light Cremations of Hollywood, Florida is Mr. Geronimo Mena, Jr., who has dedicated his life to serving humanity with compassion, honesty and sensitivity. The best method for selecting Florida crematories is the First Check approach, created by Mr. Mena when he first opened his crematory. FIRST CHECK is a pseudonym for the important criteria needed to help you evaluate a facility. Each letter of the words FIRST CHECK stands for the ten criteria needed for your investigation.


Facility Appearance
Inspection of Family Room
Reputation of Crematory
Staff Training
Telephone Etiquette

CANA Membership
Helpfulness in providing information
Equipment Appearance
CANA Certification
Know your options


At Guiding Light Cremations, we use FIRST CHECK to establish and preserve the humanitarian approach used in serving all families. That is why Mr. Mena implements the FIRST CHECK evaluation system. He also believes that families too must utilize this approach when evaluating Florida crematories. Many of the Florida crematories will immediately fail the Facility Appearance scrutiny, while others won't even grant an inspection of their facilities before cremation takes place, an indication that they are not confident about their own establishment. A handful of the Florida crematories won't pass the evaluation, others will barely qualify and a few will fail miserably.


Any criteria used in the selection of Florida Crematories must be taken seriously. The crematory is where your loved one will stay for many days and ultimately be cremated. Your selection must be a place of honor and integrity, one that performs with total respectability. Selecting one of the Florida Crematories should not be based on diminished fees or charges; cost should never be a factor. Cheaper is not synonymous with an honorable or respectable establishment. In the end, you always get what you pay for.


Florida crematories are increasing each year. It is projected that within a decade or so, the majority of deaths will be handled through cremations. The commitment made by Guiding Light Cremations is to honor the sacred wishes of your family in caring for your loved one. It is imperative that only those Florida crematories that have committed themselves in serving each family in this manner be given the opportunity to cremate your loved one. Guiding Light Cremations has made major investments in their equipment, in establishing an ambience that is appealing, comfortable and honorable. Mr. Mena has earned the respect from the Cremation Association of North America and sits in their Board of Directors. This organization is the most widely accepted professional organization to represent North America's tri-country: Canada, the United States and Mexico. Such professional backing should always be in place before any of the Florida crematories be considered for the cremation of your loved one. Take your time and make the right decision.


Mr. Geronimo Mena, Jr. is so aware of the importance in operating bona-fide Florida crematories that he generally makes himself available to speak to groups of people who are interested in Florida crematories. In his endeavor to serve humanity, he will consider it an honor to discuss the differences between Florida crematories to all who will listen, free of charge. Families should be armed with the proper information before selecting any of the Florida crematories as the final place to handle the loss of your loved one.