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About Traditional Funerals


About Traditional Funerals at Guiding Light


Societies throughout the world have held traditional funerals for hundreds of years. At Guiding Light we also offer traditional funerals designed to meet your specific wishes, needs and wants. For example, you can request a three-hour Viewing with open casket in our Chapel, a church service with closed casket the next morning, followed by a procession to the cemetery or mausoleum for burial. Families may request any of these services in the order of their preference.


The purpose for these services is to give family and friends the opportunity to pay their respects in a traditional manner. Our Chapel is spacious enough to accommodate interaction between and among all guests. In addition to our Chapel, our Family Room lies adjacent and provides a private area in which to pray, commune with others or for single meditation.


Guiding Light offers a huge selection of Wood and Metal Caskets that epitomizes your loss by providing aesthetic receptacles that add character and meaning to the mourning experience, thereby honoring your loved one. We encourage you to take keepsake photos that will forever enhance your memory of the event.


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Guiding Light Funeral Home is very conscientious of the economic factors associated with your loss and how this can impose financial burdens upon your family. That is why we keep our fees and prices to a manageable minimum. In so doing, Guiding Light honors the memory of your sacred loss by making certain that you do not have to pay excessively or pay beyond your means. Our constant vigilance will protect you against undue spending.