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In Memory of 911

September 12th, 2010

Nine years ago today, on September 11, 2001, America was attacked in a most cowardly manner. The attack was an attempt to cripple the foundation of our nation through its point of vulnerability, perceived by our enemies to be the essence of this country’s strength in the form of capitalism, free enterprise and governmental prowess via military supremacy. Instead of weakening America and bringing us to our knees, the destruction of the Twin Towers and the assassination of over twenty seven hundred innocent people created an instant atmosphere of unity and of unrelenting determination to eradicate the presence of our enemies from our midst.

I recall vividly the prevailing sentiment that spread vastly throughout the land as millions and millions of American flags hung proudly from atop cars and building windows, and thousands upon thousands more were draped from everywhere to display the collective camaraderie that was born from an intentional attack that was turned instead into a patriotic uprising. There was nothing more spectacular or immensely symbolic than the freedom of expression from every man, woman and child in our great nation. We became a country inspired in a cause that faired greater in the unity of its people than in their individual numbers.

From that terrible tragedy we became stronger in our quest to stand tall for the freedom of all people and we have gained great stride toward the prosperity of all humanity ever since. We must always remember that it is the responsibility of the stronger to protect those who lack the will or the means to fend for themselves.  As united Americans, it must always be our quest to excel in all areas and to help the people of all nations. We must exercise our strengths not only for the betterment of our own citizens, but for the wellbeing of all humanity.

I wish to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of so many Americans during that infamous attack; and I also extend my sincerest condolences to their families and friends. Their memories will forever live within the recesses of my heart and soul. As Americans, we have already demonstrated the strength of becoming united throughout this terrible ordeal, and together we will be invincible in the war of terrorism.

As leader in the cremation industry, I always exercise due diligence while performing the duties of my profession and I’m here to share with you the benefit of what I’ve achieved in service to humanity. I hereby state with total conviction that cremations should not be hidden from families and performed in obscurity. Instead, they should be performed openly and shared with the decedent’s family members and friends.  Cremations are a finely tuned method of handling our losses that’s preferred by millions upon millions of families worldwide. If cremation is your preference as well, then you have joined the majority of families who select cremations as their choice and during their time of mourning. As a dedicated servant to my profession, I genuinely recommend that you participate in the Witness Cremation portion of cremation services offered in the most modern crematoria.

As owner and operator of Guiding Light Cremations, I have created a most respectable environment from which to say goodbye to your loved one. It is from the Family Room that you may convene with other family members and friends for this purpose. Once you have paid your respects, initiation of the cremation can be seen clearly through the viewing windows. This final moment is always the most sacred for those families that have decided to honor the death of their loved one through this visual means. The Witness Cremation can provide families with a most unique focal point from which to remember their loved ones.

I urge you to plan ahead by calling for an appointment to tour our facility. Come and see for yourself how Guiding Light Cremations can make your experience respectable and most bearable during these sensitive and final moments. Cremations can be arranged directly through Guiding Light at a fraction of funeral home fees. The days of expensive funeral home prices are finally over. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to spend your money wisely. Our fees are just one of the many benefits you will discover at our facility. We thank you so very much for the time and attention you’ve given us. In closing, we do solemnly state that it is better to plan ahead with complete confidence than it is to rush the moment during a time of distress. In either case, however, we are here to serve you at any time.

However, if you want the peace of mind that is associated with planning ahead, then I suggest you inquire into our Pre-Need Program. By selecting all of your cremation needs now, you take control of your own cremation services at today’s prices. Why leave the burden of decision to a loved one when you alone can take charge. A simple telephone call will open the door of communication. You’ll feel a lot better knowing that your future has already been decided. All your family has to do is come to Guiding Light Cremations to pay their respects.

Geronimo Mena, Jr.

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