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July 2nd, 2011

In this day and age where the quest for financial gain and the procurement of profit have taken precedence over important service considerations, not all crematories offer the same quality of care, excell in employee death-care training, are sticklers about operating under applicable statute and regulatory guidelines, and more importantly perhaps, provide a state-of-the-art facility with an impeccable reputation for cleanliness, honor and integrity in the handling of each human remains entrusted to them.

A bonafide crematory establishment that has already earned a solid reputation for its dedication to the death-care industry is Guiding Light Cremations of Hollywood, Florida. Under its leadership, owner and founder Geronimo Mena, Jr. always presents his families with the best possible service options at the most affordable prices. For over twenty seven years, Mr. Mena has brought emotional stability, psychological support and closure to the tens of thousands of family members and friends who have obtained his services.

In a market that can sometimes appear confusing, selecting the right crematory requires the implementation of three simple variables:
1. Call and speak with the target crematory’s licensed representative and ask about their services and corresponding fees. Make sure there are no hidden fees or charges. Some funeral homes and crematories are notorious for masking fees and only reveal these items once they have taken possession of your loved one.
2. Visit the crematory website and determine if the remains will go directly to the crematory of your choice or if they are first stored at another location. Become highly suspicious of facilities who first send your loved one to a holding place. Such a practice is an indication that they are not crematories, but rather funeral homes or direct disposal offices that ultimately negotiate with a bonafide crematory to cremate your loved one. You do not want your loved one traveling from one place to another.
3. Visit the crematory and evaluate their representative’s professionalism based on ten minutes of interaction. Listen attentively to the person attending to you. Does he or she sound compassionate, concerned and caring or is he simply acting as a salesman interested in making a sale. Also, ask to tour the facility. Evaluate the crematory’s physical condition, overall cleanliness, as well as the sanitary condition of their refrigeration system. Crematories with small refrigerators usually cram bodies atop or beside each other. Find out how many human remains their refrigeration system can hold. Does it have a lingering foul odor due to sanitary neglect or carelessness.

The death-care industry has evolved over the years. Many establishments that offer cremations are not actual crematories. Consequently, unsuspecting families wind up paying exceedingly high fees or not pay enough for the type of services they are requesting. Sadly, it’s usually too late by the time such discoveries are made by these families. Utilizing the three-variable implementation system described above is the best way of avoiding the pitfalls of the crematory selection process. Make certain your cremation arrangements are made with crematories, not funeral homes or not any other cremation agency other than a bonafide crematory. Remember that a funeral home is not a crematory unless a cremation unit is on the premises and they are duly licensed to perform cremations. Otherwise, they are just a handling agent. Don’t be easily mislead.

At Guiding Light Cremations, our walk-in refrigeration system can accommodate over one hundred twenty human remains. When your loved one arrives at our facility, he or she is first positioned in a cremation container, followed by placement onto their individual refrigeration shelf. Our cremation units are built aesthetically ultra-modern and are operationally considered state-of-the-art equipment that have been electronically built for maximum efficiency. Each unit is linked to the internet in order to access remote witnessing. Families anywhere in the world can join our Witness Cremation provision via a special access code and password provided by us. These codes are changed immediately thereafter to protect the privacy of all our families. Our main objective is to provide the right ambience as a haven for those who have lost a loved one…a gathering place in which to say goodbye with dignity and honor.

When your arrangements are made through Guiding Light Cremations, you are assured of an experience that will always bring honor, integrity and unity among your family and friends. On the day of cremation, family and special friends may convene in our Family Room to pay their last respects. Your loved one is in view of all present and when you are ready to proceed, the cremation container is rolled a few feet and placed directly before the entrance to the retort, or cremation unit. When the door is raised, the remains enter and the door is lowered; cremation then begins. Nothing observed is deemed offensive, making each step an innocuous continuum of a well-planned event, designed to bring harmony and respect to both family and friends. This is the most honorable way of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Please remember that our facility was designed and built for the expressed purpose of honoring the memory of your loss. In so doing, your loved one will remain in your mind and in your heart. As a means of bringing additional comfort and security against unexpected deaths or simply to be prepared for the future, Guiding Light Cremations also specializes in Pre-need Planning. Give us a call today and inquire about these services. We are available everyday at any time and will answer all of your questions.

Geronimo Mena, Jr., LDD
Chief Operating Officer
Guiding Light Cremations

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