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A Valentine’s Day Remembrance

February 14th, 2012

The death of a lover signifies the culmination of a special bond that in the best of times allowed two emotionally charged individuals to display intimate sexual tension that elicited the duality of a climax. Whether the couple’s tendencies were borne out of hetero or homosexual foundation, the loss of one represents the death for both. Nothing can ever compare to the emptiness associated with such human tragedy, not even the death of a close family member. The tumultuous inner desperation ascribed to the survivor represents a unique human frailty that threatens to intimidate our future perseverance by lessening our spiritual exuberance.

Whereas the empowerment of a great love procures the imposition of immense loss and ultimately provides the deepest despair, we are mere human entities who thrive on the emotional interactions created by the pureness of our love as it blossoms with intended honor and respect embodied simply through our intimate contact. We need the sustenance of togetherness in order to feel the resurgence of humanity abound from within, thus instilling a sense of personal completion that develops in all of us. The temporary lack of individual prosperity created by the loss of a true love further depletes our emotional sustenance. We cannot possibly live alone without the symbiosis of a love so intimate, so challenging, yet so perfect. When our love is pure, we are truly one with our chosen partner.

My heart goes out to those who have experienced such a loss. I offer you my deepest sympathy for your pain but quickly add that having lived through such an experience has allowed you to grow exponentially. The triumph of your great love is a reflection of your individual tenderness and inherent compassion. May this Valentine’s Day bring you the joy of remembrance as you ponder the memory of your great love. Keep your memories sacred by honoring the richness of your past relationship.

With great admiration,
Geronimo Mena, Jr.

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