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David Krohn: My Trusted Ally, Business Partner and Solemn Friend

April 15th, 2012

The quality of a relationship between two people can be best understood from the perspective of each individual’s abilities to coexist with the other, which can range from its characteristics to function effectively all the way to outright incompatibility. Over time, the survivorship of such a relationship is determined by the collective balance displayed by both people and the strength of their individual motives to succeed as planned. When two people without consanguinity ties enter into a business venture, however, the stakes for succeeding must grow as each member contributes toward building a foundation that is sometimes based merely on the firmness of their initial commitment to each other. Eventually, as time will reveal, both individuals learn the extent of the other’s talents and capabilities and, consequently, both come to rely on the integrity of those attributes to provide further growth and prosperity.

Some years ago I had the good fortune to meet a man with whom I could develop mutual trust, a man who conducts business the old fashioned way — through an honorable approach that allows him to embrace all business transactions with solid integrity and profound conviction — characteristics that are often-times lacking in today’s business world. The man to whom I refer is David Krohn, an individual with honorable intentions and savvy business practices that are reflective in his everyday business dealings and evident throughout all areas of his life. Such a man deserves to receive the recognition that will serve to place him in high esteem, where he belongs. I value explicitly David’s business judgments and trust him at his word.

David first approached me some years ago after a business interest of mine failed to take proper footing. After months of shrewd negotiations, he and I entered an industry with which I was very familiar. We opened Guiding Light Cremations and Everglades Crematorium, having established our two locations simultaneously in Hollywood, Florida. That was the start of something marvelous that was earmarked to reign supreme because it was ultimately the American families who would prosper from our generous undertakings. David and I have dedicated ourselves to offering quality cremation services to all families of the Southeast Florida region at prices that are truly affordable to everyone.

Our state-of-the-art facility emphasizes the honor and respect we have for all families who have suffered a loss. We treat each person entrusted to us as if he or she was a member of our own family. All of our staff members are trained exclusively to follow those same guidelines. Each of the families we have served has had the same reaction — each is impressed at the manner in which we uphold ourselves to the highest scrutiny. We know that God Almighty reigns over us and continues to give us the strength with which to impart the wisdom of our decisions and the dedication we uphold to all of His children. It is the love we have of all people that has given us the ultimate trust, honor and respect we have for each other.

David and I spend many weekly hours in executive meetings to better hone our skills so that we can enhance our services through newfound intuitions and professional approaches that will be passed along to all our families. None of us can escape the reality of death, but each of us is free to receive the benefits of Guiding Light Cremations. Why not take a few moments to call us and inquire about Guiding Light’s future services. Please let me know how I can help your family prepare for the inevitable. Won’t you please ask us about our Pre-Need Services.

David Krohn and I will remain indebted to you…….our trusted family member.

Geronimo Mena, Jr, LDD
Chief Operating Officer
Guiding Light Cremations and Everglades Crematorium

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