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October 28th, 2012

Standing shoulder to shoulder beside other family members to pay your final respects is an emotionally exhilarating experience that elicits both family pride and reinforces your love for the person who has died. Guiding Light has a special ‘Family Room’ prepared precisely for this purpose. On the day of cremation, you may attend this special gathering composed of bereaving family members and close friends. Most importantly, however, our Guiding Light facility has created an ambience that contributes to reverence; a place that epitomizes honor and respect, both of which are vital in setting an atmosphere that will make this gathering meaningful and memorable. Not all crematories lend themselves to honor your experience. In fact, some are outright antequated and filthy. Such a place can only undermine your efforts at memorializing your loss. You do not want your family to wind up in such a place.

At Guiding Light, if attending is impossible because you are too far away, in another state perhaps, or maybe you’re out of the country, the next best thing to being there is to participate through our internet remote access, or IRA. Your expression of love is now made possible through visual participation from anywhere in the world via IRA. Two cameras have been set up that takes you amidst our facilites and allows you to share the sentimental values and expressions of love with those family members who are present. Access to these cameras are made available through a special web address and password, created especially for your family and made available to you. Guiding Light has perfected this technological marvel for those family members who would like to attend but who are otherwise unable to arrive at our facilites.

Although your presence is not mandatory for us to proceed with your loved one’s cremation, it is however, aside from IRA, the only means that allows you to share and express your sentiments with your family during those last moments prior to cremation. As owner and operator, my primary concern is to allow each family the opportunity to come together toward a common cause and offer their condolences in person, rather than through the phone. Guiding Light welcomes you to inquire about these services.

While it is true that the traditional funeral has fallen in preference, and although it matters not why cremations continues to rise in popularity, it is most vital, however, that we make certain that each and every cremation be performed with the utmost care and due diligence. This is why the selection of the crematory is such an important decision. The very memory of your loved one is at stake. Consequently, the very honor of that memory stands before you.

I welcome you to call us and schedule a special tour of our facilities. Come and judge for yourself and see why Guiding Light Cremations should be the crematory of your choice. In all honesty, from the very moment we are notified of your loved one’s death, we spring into action. Our team of professionals are immediately sent, twenty-four hours a day, to secure your loved one and bring him or her into our care. Whether you have made prior arrangements with us through Pre-Need, or contact us for the first time upon death, I promise that you will receive all the special attention needed. You will feel the ressurgence of energy that reflects the compassion that each and every one of our service professionals elicits. Of that you can be sure!

Geronimo Mena, Jr., L.D.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Guiding Light Cremations

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