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True Compassion and Total Honesty at Work.

September 14th, 2015

In very few industries can a working professional truly have the mechanism with which to evaluate the delicate balance of emotions that are so evident in death-care. By the time a funeral director is contacted, many family members have already been put through an emotional rollercoaster that only torments their hearts and assaults their memories as it spreads undue guilt and unnecessary regret. Accompanied by sheer exhaustion, these often confused and genuinely burdened individuals cannot always make proper decisions that would best meet their needs. This is where professional guidance through objective leadership plays a major role. Funeral directors often assist bereaving families by suggesting services that are within the financial capacity of the family before them.

Each family is different; each death, unique. In the end, however, we’re all earmarked for expiration. Since this involves everyone, we should rely on protocol that can unite us all in a positive way, given the very nature of such a critical period with each family; this is our common ground. As death-care professionals at Guiding Light, we have the perfect opportunity to come to the aid of our fellow human beings at a time when our input can do the most good. This is easily accomplished by lending a sympathetic ear, by promoting an aura of understanding, and by responding honestly and compassionately. Only then could we be truly heard, profoundly felt and systematically respected. We can each make a major difference if we first refrain from resorting to those negative characteristics that are always associated with egotistical practices and selfish behavior. We must comport ourselves strictly from a compassionate standpoint, while paying close attention to the delicate needs of our client families. Such approaches are usually perceived quite positively by bereaving families, and in the long run, the memory of the event will leave a monumental impact with our families in the most productive and beneficial manner.

There are many reasons why a person may pursue a particular profession. Many individuals first consider the potential income to be derived from their chosen field; others simply explore the psychological rewards they will obtain, such as prestige or the admiration they’ll receive from others; and still others are just concerned with the grandeur ramifications associated and derived from the social and environmental benefits attached to the profession. Often times the collective social merits can be easily measured. The more astute pursuer, on the other hand, the one who capitalizes on the cognitive outcome of deep analysis, will incorporate all three of the provisions. Potential income, personal psychological gain and the overall social benefits should weigh equally. Beyond that, of course, is the personal assessment through introspection.

When determining whether or not a person has ‘what it takes’ to be successful in a particular field, a totally honest approach must be utilized. It defeats the purpose if we lie to ourselves. The passing of academic courses does not insure nor guarantee that the student has the necessary skills, the required drive, or even the oomph needed to succeed in that professional arena. However, truth be told, if you are totally honest with your conviction to succeed, and you possess the necessary compassion, intellect and drive, not only will you succeed in your chosen field, you will grow to honor your chosen profession.

If I have in any way described you, and your approach to this field is similar, then welcome to the death-care industry. There’s no doubt that you will bring honor and integrity to your chosen profession. However, you must always remember not to let financial greed, competitive drive, nor corporate strategy derail you from an effective and honorable path in the death-care profession. In your lifetime, hundreds upon thousands of family members will be counting on you for strong and effective leadership; and they will entrust you to handle the remains of hundreds upon thousands of their dead relatives. The integrity of your professionalism is measured not in the manner of your verbal assertions, but in the manner in which you conduct yourself, carry out every duty and finalize each aspect of your professional obligations.

Guiding Light Cremations, Everglades Crematorium and Guiding Light Funeral Home & Cremation Center, all located in West Park, Florida, have all triumphed in this very special industry because we have conducted ourselves with impeccable professionalism, undeniable precision and truthful conviction. As owner and operator, I stand ready to serve all families, large or small, with an austere dedication that promotes love and charity. If you are interested in obtaining information about our funerals, cremations, whether for future or current service requirements, please give us a call, twenty-four hours a day. Our vigilance is your guarantee.

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