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May 31st, 2016

I have been asked many times why I have pursued the death-care industry as the foundation of my profession. The answer is really quite simple. Having been involved in numerous areas of specialty, I found that a certain honesty prevails in funeral service that is not generally found in other fields. Individuals who are in mourning are more apt to display characteristics of personal integrity, sincerity, total openness and a willingness to share that honesty with others.

The very nature of death brings out certain characteristics in all of us that aid in communication, thereby instituting a sense of mutual trust that is conducive to the successful arrangement conference. It is this mutual reciprocity between funeral director and family that sets the stage for honest dialogue. When family members are confident that their needs are being met with honesty and integrity, the decisions they make are never second-guessed, but rather reflect the confidence they have placed upon the funeral provider.

Guiding Light Funeral Home is dedicated to the plight of each family, while placing careful emphasis on their financial parameters. We provide a much-needed service that is cost-effective and for which all our families have always expressed their gratitude. Our services are also available for future needs. As a licensed facility that is registered with the State of Florida as a Pre-Need Provider, a family can secure today’s prices for future services. Please inquire about our Pre-Need Services.

In addition to the many funeral and cremation services we offer, Guiding Light is the Crematory of Choice for the Broward County Medical Examiners Indigent Cremation Program. Anyone who passes away in Broward County who is destitute, homeless or without family connections is represented by the Medical Examiner. Guiding Light, in turn, as the crematory of record for this Governmental Agency, subsequently performs all of their cremations.

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Establishing Honorable Memories

May 27th, 2016

Losing a loved one tends to leave a void that cannot be filled by just anyone. Although the memory of that person will remain in our hearts throughout our lifetime, it can still precipitate deep-seated emotional disharmony when exacerbated or triggered by memories of unresolved issues. For example, words that were left unsaid, or needed action that never took place generally conjures up ill will, feelings of uneasiness that are oftentimes associated with immense guilt. Such negativity tends to disrupt the delicate psychological homeostasis of that person.  For these reasons, it is imperative that all issues of importance be handled expediently so that a sense of incompletion cannot linger.

Having the privilege to work in the funeral industry, I often hear stories expressed by family members that indicate unresolved issues. Perhaps the main culprit is human overreaction, inaction, or inappropriate action, an indication that our human frailties are engaged reflexively or without first thinking matters through. As humans, we’ve all been involved with issues of confrontation, human overreaction on a verbal level, or worse, on a physical level. Such impromptu or reactionary responses may rob us of our dignity while simultaneously creating potentially destructive outcomes. Not keeping one’s composure in the presence of emotional influence, whether due to heated arguments or improper action, often gives rise to deep regrets associated with that person.

The fact that we are not always forewarned of someone’s death is the very reason why we must never allow ourselves to perpetuate unresolved issues. Established relationships between two people, whether parent and child, brother and sister, husband and wife, or any other possible combination should always be treated with the utmost respect. Once the person dies, words unsaid or actions not taken must remain as such; and sometimes the unsaid or undone carries a burdensome memory that you must live with for the remainder of your life.

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