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Remembering JFK

September 28th, 2016

I was a precocious twelve-year-old when our thirty-fifth president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas one Friday afternoon on November 22, 1963. When the public announcement was made over the speaker, I was in school at the Thomas Knowlton J. H. S. 52, in the Bronx. I recall working on different angle problems during my Mechanical Drawing class. The Principal interrupted and began to broadcast live details as they unfolded. For over one hour we listened attentively to the horrors associated with President Kennedy’s untimely demise. Then we were instructed to go straight home once dismissed. Every student walked out quietly and reverently.

As I looked around, I recall with disbelief the horrendous chaos that clung to the faces of my schoolmates, consisting mostly of intense emotional miseries that hovered conspicuously over their faces. We all knew Jack Kennedy as the much-loved, strong leader who had earned the respect and admiration of the entire nation; and right along with him was his lovely wife Jacqueline, the semblance of feminine sensuality and physical beauty; they certainly made a magnificent couple.

For many days to come, I was glued to our television set, watching and listening attentively to the details of our President’s assassination. I realized how emotionally paralyzing the loss of human life can be when attributed to the hatred antics of such vicious behavior. To this day I honor, respect and value all life forms. I cannot fathom why anyone can plan the death of another and feel that such actions are justified. First and foremost, all life should be respected, not desecrated.

Although death at the hands of an assassin is considered statistically miniscule in its occurrence, death itself is an event which each of us must one day face. Death should come naturally, not triggered by someone’s actions. At Guiding Light, we represent thousands of families who’ve lost a loved one, sometimes by natural causes, sometimes accidentally, and sometimes due to the actions of others. Regardless of the mechanism, our approach is always gentle, compassionate and understanding. We pay close attention to the specific needs of our families, while keeping all costs and fees at manageable levels.

We must safeguard against unexpected losses by planning ahead. At Guiding Light Funeral Home & Crematory, everything is handled by our professional team of dedicated employees. We are licensed to sell Pre-Need Services and will offer you an affordable cremation package or traditional burial service for the future. Prices are frozen at the time of purchase and you may take up to two years to pay. Take a moment and call me, Geronimo Mena, Jr., I will explain each and every step to you.

Geronimo Mena, Jr.

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