Guiding Light Cremations




All cremations require the next-of-kin's (NOK) authorization to release your loved one to our care, called the Authorization for the Release of Human Remains. This form may be downloaded from our website. The Authorization for Cremation and Disposition form is also available through our website, or they can be sent to you via email, facsimile, or USPS.


In addition, the Vital Statistics Information Sheet needed so we can prepare and file the Certificate of Death is quite specific and, at the very least, requires a meeting with our Director, Mr. Geronimo Mena, Jr. The information can be provided by phone so that the document can be prepared and provided to you for signature.


To help identify the remains, the Assurance of Identification is a document that is also available through our website. Simply download the printable PDF documents, sign and fax, mail, or bring directly to Mr. Mena's Attention.


The Four Cremation Documents


1. Removal Authorization

2. Authorization For Cremation And Disposition

3. Assurance Of Identity

4. Vital Statistics


Our Fax number is: 954-362-0222