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Guiding Light Funeral Home & Cremation Center is made up of dedicated professionals who are committed to the care and wellbeing of the families we serve, especially in such a time of need. We demonstrate our sensitivities in the way we speak, in the words we choose to express our sentiments and in the manner in which we present the details of the services we offer. These must all be genuine. Communication under these strenuous circumstances must be gentle, compassionate, and above all, communication must reveal empathy. Families are often sensitive to every aspect of the mourning experience and if they detect insincerity or emotional detachment, it will have a negative effect on their relationship with the funeral establishment. In addition, many funeral service providers concentrate only on the business aspect of their services, and as a result, they leave families with an emptiness that promotes ill-at-ease feelings. Guiding Light will always serve you in the most professional and courteous manner.


We understand human loss. We deal with death with honesty and sincerity that immediately establishes a bond of trust between us and the family we serve. When there is trust, there is communication; and with communication, understanding and agreement soon follow. You will instinctively know that we perform the details of our profession with total honesty, absolute integrity and heartfelt sincerity.


Cremation Services in South FloridaCremation Services in South Florida